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A Payoff From Satan

I know a man who is into satanic things.  So much so, in fact, that he has decided to actually join a satanic church and worship Satan.  It turns out that Satan, and the satanic church, have promised him things if he is faithful to Satan and to the church.  Some of those things such as money, respect and power have already began to come into his life.  This man has decided to continue with his Satan worship simply because Satan has promised him things if he does, and Satan has already made good on some of those promises...or has he?

I am amazed that so many people can be duped into following Satan just so they can try go get some of the things they want in life.  I did some lite research on satanic cults and found that most people joined because they were promised such things as power, money, love, friendship and protection.  In many cases, people who joined such cults reported that the things they were promised did actually start to happen for them.

I got to thinking about it--wondering how I could explain to people in this situation exactly what they were really doing, and in a way they could understand.  It seems to me that you can talk about Heaven, Hell, eternity, life, death, punishment, judgment and the like all you want; but, these concepts are sometimes so abstract, that  many people find it difficult to truly understand.  I came up with the idea of trying to explain it by using the symbolic example of a check.  Nearly everyone understands the idea of getting paid.  They receive a check, cash it and then get to spend the money.  Here is how it goes:

Imagine that I promise you that if you run a few errands for me, and spend a little time giving me compliments and telling me how wonderful you think I am, I will give you a check for one million dollars.  I'll keep the errands simple and easy, and you can just give me the compliments from time to time on an ongoing basis.  For this little bit of effort, you get the million dollar check I promised.  You start thinking about all of the things you've always wanted and how that million dollars would make it all happen, so you take me up on my offer and I give you the check as promised.

You go straight to your bank and deposit the check into your bank account.  What a wonderful feeling to have a million dollars.  While waiting for the check to clear, you start borrowing money and buying all of the things you always wanted.  You buy a nice house, a car and a whole new wardrobe.  At first it is such great fun.  All of the things you wanted in your life seem to be within reach.  Now that you have begun to spend the money I gave you, you see that I have kept my promise and can be trusted.

Then, after you have bought all the new stuff, and had so much fun, your bank informs you that the check is no good.  The check has bounced and you need to pay back the million dollars you have spent.  And as if that weren't bad enough, the bank throws in a $50 fee for bouncing a check.  You run out and sell your house, but it does not bring in enough money to cover what you owe.  Before long, your nice car is repossessed to cover at least part of what you owe.  You sell as much of your new clothing as you can and save only one outfit since all of your old clothes have long since been thrown out.  Since you only have one outfit, it isn't long before your clothes are tattered, torn and wearing out.  You wind up homeless and living on the street begging for scraps of food.  All of the things you wanted are gone.  Your life is now ruined.  You suddenly realize that, even though it seemed like the truth, everything I told you was a lie.  The money you spent was fun for a while, but now you have lost everything!  If only you hadn't believed me and taken that check--but now it's too late.

That is exactly what Satan does to people who worship and follow him.  He makes promises that might seem true, but they don't last and don't work out as you were made to believe they would.  Surprisingly, you don't even have to be part of a satanic cult.  If you do not belong to Jesus Christ, then you have also been given a check by Satan.  It may not be as obvious as it would be if you were part of a satanic church, but it is the same thing and will eventually work out the same way.  You don't discover it's a lie until you die.  At that point you have lost everything:  your home, your family, your relationships, your belongings--everything!  You spend an eternity in Hell, separated from God, because you fell for satan's lies and took a bad check.

But wait...
Imagine that before it is too late someone comes along who is willing to help you out.  Just as you are losing your home, car, clothes and all your other worldly belongings, someone steps in and pays the million dollar debt for you.  They even pay the $50 returned check fee that the bank charged you.  And as if that weren't enough, they invite you to come live in their house since you now have nothing.  Their house turns out to be a mansion--a big, beautiful, perfect mansion.  And in the mansion you are invited to sit down to a meal which turns out to be more a feast than a meal--more delicious, mouth-watering food than you have ever seen in your life!  A far cry from the scraps you were begging for on the street.  After dinner, you are presented with a brand new wardrobe worth far more than what you had bought for yourself after getting your million dollar check.  Then you are led outside where a brand new luxury car is waiting for you.  Now, you not only have back everything you had lost,  you have so much more!  More than you could ever have imagined!

That is exactly what God does for us.  He already paid our debt by the death on the crossof His only Son Jesus Christ.  The Bible warns us that Satan is a liar--he is incapable of telling the truth.  He offers us a check while we are here on earth that turns out to be worse than worthless in the end.  If we die without Jesus Christ, we lose everything we thought was important to us and end up spending eternity suffering in Hell--all because we were stupid enough to fall for Satan's lies.  Anything that Satan promises us for doing things his way is a lie.  We may temporarily get some of the things he promised, but in the end we lose it all and so much more.

Don't fall for Satan's lies.  Don't let him offer you a few pleasures now in exchange for everything God offers for eternity.  Make sure you belong to God so you know where you will be spending eternity.  Do it now.  Don't wait until it is too late.  None of us knows how long we have on this earth.  Death can come quickly and unexpectedly.  Don't cash Satan's check!

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