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Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven.

This is a true story told to me by someone who was there.  

In a church in Ohio, the pastor was just starting to preach a sermon about how Christians aren't perfect.  Even though Christian are forgiven and strive not to, they still sometimes mess up and sin.  To make his point, the pastor asked "how many of you were sinning just this morning?"  No one really wanted to admit it, so everyone just glanced around to see if anyone else would admit it.  Suddenly, one hand was raised.  Much to everyone's amazement, the hand belonged to the associate pastor!  

"You?" the pastor asked with surprise.

"Yep," the associate pastor responded.  "As a matter of fact, it was just this morning, in the shower as I was getting ready for church."

Noticing all of the gasps and giggles among the congregation, the associate pastor asked "What's wrong with that?  
What's wrong with singing in the shower?"

"I didn't ask if anyone was singing this morning," the pastor said, "I asked if anyone was sinning this morning."

"Oh," said the associate pastor as he sheepishly put his hand back down amid a roar of laughter from the congregation.

Thank you Leslie Krupp  for this contribution.