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Since the day it was taken, my family and I have called this picture...

Find The Goat

This is a picture I took on a trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  Believe it or not, there is a wild goat somewhere in this picture.  See if you can find him.  If you can't find him, spend some time and really try hard before giving up and looking at he answer.  The funny thing about this picture is that some people find the goat right away while others have to look at the picture for quite a while before finding him.  Once you find him, though, you'll see him right away every time you look at the picture from then on.  He is reasonably obvious, so when you find him you'll be fairly sure. Sometimes when we have friends over, just for fun, we pass this picture around to see how many people can find the goat.

Find the goat.

Give up?  Then go ahead and look at the answer.

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