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In case you missed it on the home page, here's a running list of my  favorite quotes.  You can just about live by these!
Here are some amusing, tongue-in-cheek, scientific explanations for things we all experience but can't really explain.  I'm a science teacher and even I'm convinced!
Do you say grace before a meal?  Here are some funny ways to say grace.
A poem  written on a particularly boring day at a job I used to have back in the 80's...boy am I glad I don't work there anymore!
Here is an amusing poem about losing something.  I sure hope I never get this bad!
Use this pattern to make your own paper helicopter.  Great for a science class lesson, youth activity or just something to keep bored kids busy for a while.
Some really challenging tongue twisters, good luck with these!
Think you're good at seek-and-find pictures?  Then play a little game we like to call Find The Goat.
Here's a real-life "What's wrong with this picture?"
Bored kids?  Check out the digital camera scavenger hunt activity.
Check out the humor on the Inspiration Corner page.
Check out my current winner of  the title "Funniest Thing I've Ever Seen."  (A real-life contest going on in my own mind.)
See some amazing, naturally-occurring  images discovered in woodgrain.  We call it the "Grainy Gallery."  None of these are fake, even though it can be hard to believe that they weren't done on purpose!
Here is an audio clip of Miss Teen South Carolina proving that beauty and brains don't necessarily go together...oooyyy!
I had a very good friend in high school, Joe J. Thomas, who was was a total nut job!  Well, now he's all grown up, doing work in advertising and is apparently still a nut job!  Check out these hilarious radio commercials Joe did for one of my favorite restaurants, Friendly's.  Joe did both the narration and the funny voices.

Commercial #1        Commercial #2        Commercial #3        Commercial #4
Here is a very funny clip of Joe J. Thomas doing a bit about conserving gravity.
Here is an amusing story, in mp3 format, about applying for a passport. Clip taken from Mad Money Machine podcast.  (By the way, if you're into investing, you've got to check out their podcasts.)
Learn what to do  if you are attacked, assaulted or robbed.  This is serious information (no humor here).  
This MP3 file is a hilarious comedy routine about wisdom from the Old Folk's Home, presented by Ellie Lofaro.  Clip taken from the Focus On The Family podcast.  This is a really great podcast so please check it out.
A very funny bit in mp3 format from the guys at Car Talk about funny errors actually found on job resumes.  Car Talk is a really great show and they have a free podcast.  Even if you don't care about cars, the show is hilarious.  Check it out!
If you hate dealing with those automated answering systems when you call a corporate phone number, I think you'll find this audio clip very amusing.  Here also is the written transcript, but PLEASE listen to the audio version first.  It's A LOT funnier.
Here is some of my twisted humor left over from the Easter holiday.
Esoteric Jokes.  Here's a bunch of jokes that most people wouldn't even understand.  Give it a try and see how many you get.
If you have an original work, activity, funny or article that you would like to have considered for the Anything Goes Page, please contact me.

If you own the copyright to anything found here and you feel I am in violation of copyright law, just let me know and I will remove it immediately.

Free Software
This software is all virus free, adware free and malware free.  I wrote it all myself and put it on my website for the sake of content.
Some of these programs will only run on computers that can run the .Net framework (most newer computers can).  You can always just try it and see.  The worst that has ever happened is that the program just won't run.  If your computer does not have the .Net framework and you know what you're doing, you can always try installing it yourself with dot net fix.   There was also a Vista compatibility issue with the programs I created using GameMaker.  I think I have the problem corrected.  I don't have Vista to test the programs on, so if you have problems or success with running the programs on a Vista machine, please let me know.  All programs are being made available for personal, private use only and may not be bundled, sold or altered in any way.  All of this software is copyrighted and all rights are reserved.

These programs are not set up to run from the server so must be downloaded by following these simple steps:

1. Right-click on the link for the program you want and select "Save Target" or "Save Link."

2. Where it says "Save in,"  select Desktop.

3. Click the "Save" button and wait for the file to be downloaded to your desktop.

4. Find the program on your desktop and double-click it to run the program.

If you do download and try out any of this software, PLEASE drop me a quick note just to let me know.  It encourages me a lot!

Pummel Pummel is a simple little game I created using GameMaker.  You set the angle and power on your cannon and then fire a cannon ball at your opponent.  If you hit, you win.  If you miss, then your opponent gets the opportunity to shoot back.  Play continues until one of the players manages to hit the other.
Saucer Shoot  is a very basic shoot-em-up game with an outer space theme.  I created this program in order to practice using the basics of GameMaker.  Don't expect anything professional, but it is a fun little game...especially for free.
Alarm Clock Alarm Clock is a utility type program I created using  GameMaker.  It works just like a regular alarm clock.  You set the time for it to go off, and it will either sound tones or play a music CD depending upon how you have it set.  I use it to limit my screen time or to remind me of appointments.
Body Mass Calculator Body Mass Calculator figures out what your body mass index (BMI) is based upon your weight, height and gender.  It then tells you into which category you fall and your overall risk for weight related diseases.  Even though I used Health Department guidelines, it still seems to me that the calculation for "ideal healthy weight" is a bit on the skinny side, but it's just for fun anyway.
Tile Flip Tile Flip is a somewhat addicting game that presents a pattern for you to match, or scrambles the board for you to clear.  You play by flipping the blue and white tiles on the bottom window.  Each time you click to flip a tile, any tiles touching it also flip.  You can set the difficulty level from 1 to 6.  1 is pathetically easy, and anything over 3 can be rather challenging.  Tile Flip was created using GameMaker.
Quick Calendar QuickCalendar is a tiny little utility that just places a little MS Windows calendar on your desktop for quick reference.  Allows you to quickly and easily change the month and/or year.  Pretty basic, but I do use it from time to time.
Soroban Soroban is a GameMaker program I created when I was trying to teach myself the Japanese abacus called the soroban.  This is not a game, it is just a simple little virtual Japanese abacus, or soroban, on which to practice.  If anyone needs free software for a virtual abacus, or soroban, here it is.  If you're not interested in learning the soroban, this program will bore you to tears.

My favorite joke of all time:  

A duck goes into a pharmacy and says "Give me some Chapstick and put it on my bill."

 I first heard this on an episode of the old TV show "Night Court." That was a long time ago but, come on, admit it, it's still funny!

My favorite quotes of all time:

"I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday."  -- Stephen Covey

"Never miss an opportunity to shut up."  -- Will Rogers

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one gets to God but through Me."  -- Jesus Christ

My favorite song of all time:

"Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring"  -- Johann Sebastian Bach  (Audio sample)

Not only is this my favorite song of all time, in my opinion it is also the most perfect piece of music ever written.  Vivaldi's "Winter Largo"  from his work "The Four Seasons" is a very close second.  (Audio sample)

Eclectic Links

Bored.com  (When you've run out of things to do here on Eclecticsite.com, this will keep you busy for a while.)

Celtic Music Podcast  (If you love Celtic music as much as I do, here's a whole bunch of it for free!)

CelticRadio.net  (CelticRadio.net is a related site with links to even more free celtic music.)

(Music is a very important part of my life so I love discovering new music.  This site lets you enter an artist or song you like, and then plays for you many similar songs to help you discover new music and new artists.  You'll need a high-speed Internet connection.  Go ahead and register for the free version; I did, and it's great!)

Here are some very good webcams of animals at the Sandiego Zoo in California:

Grooveshark.com  (Similar to Pandora, but allows you to choose specific songs and artists.)

DealNews.com offers up-to-the-minute, great deals on electronics and electronics-related products.  You'll find some unbelievable deals here.

Here's a site where you can download and print free calendars in PDF format.

Here's a free, online way to combine PDF files into one document.

Paint Dot Net  (If you use the Microsoft Paint program that comes with Windows, you've got to check this out.  It's free and it beats MS Paint big time!)

Keith's Robix Rascal blog  (A blog about my purchase and implementation of the Robix Rascal robotic arm at work---pretty much all technical stuff.)

Check out my band, The Castoff Band, at castoffband.com

Bsafe Online  (A wonderful, easy-to-use Internet filter to protect you and your family.  This is the one I use at home, even when I had dial-up.)

Try McAfee SiteAdvisor if you want to have extra protection and advantage when you search.  It's free and I personally would hate to be without it.

Scambusters.org  (All kinds of information to keep you from getting scammed.)

Put yourself on the National Do Not Call Registry to significantly reduce the number of telemarketing calls you receive.
To do the same for junk mail, call toll free 1-888-5-OPTOUT.

National Weather Radar 

Translate your name into Japanese characters.

How long would it take someone using a PC to crack your password?  Use this link to test passwords and find out.