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The Grainy Gallery

Here are some 'pictures' naturally created by woodgrain--we call them 'Grainys'.  Except for rotating and possibly cropping some of the images, none of these pictures have been altered in any way.  What you see is exactly how each grainy appeared when it was discovered.  This page may take a while to load, but trust me it's worth it.

         "Cartoon Cat"
    looking straight at you.

                  "Horse Head"
                  looking down.

      "Horse Head And Neck"
Horse looking slightly to the right.


                     "One-celled Organism"

         "Old Man With Mustache"

          "Space Alien"

             "Water Faucet"

Turn the fish upright and its a "Rocket"


"Candle with flame"

                        Swimming downward
"Space Alien Face"
 Looking at you

"Super hero, or super villain?"

If you find an original Grainy you would like to have considered for the "Grainy Gallery,"  Snap a picture of it and send it to me.

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