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Good side, evil side

    The Holy Bible teaches that each of us is truly made in God's image.  That does not mean that we look like God--the Bible is not talking about a physical image; it is talking about an emotional, spiritual and philosophical image.  God can love.  Other animals in God's creation cannot love, but we humans can.  God has a keen sense of justice, right and wrong.  We have the same.  That's why we have created a system of legal justice, and why children are so quick to say "That's not fair."  These traits are built right into who and what we are.  We are made in God's image.

    However, there is another side to the coin;  specifically, Satan has made sure that we are also inherently sinful.  That is why there is so much crime, injustice and human tragedy in the world.  The sinful aspect of humans has, sadly, also made its way into the fabric of who we are.  That is why children often lie or steal at a young age when they have never even been taught, either by words or example, to do such things.  It is just one result of that sinful, evil side we humans have.  Is hell actually a place of literal flames?  The Bible makes reference to there being actual flames, but very little detail about hell is given in the scriptures.  All that we know for certain, is that hell is a place of total separation from both God Himself, and every blessing humans enjoy on this earth.  The Bible assures us that hell is a place of eternal torment and torture.  That is pretty much all we need to know in order to want to avoid it.

Its a matter of opinion

    As Dave tried to explain in the story, it is that evil side that keeps us from having the relationship with God that we were originally designed to have.  It is that evil side for which Jesus Christ died to pay the price of death so that we could be forgiven and once again be permitted to be in God's presence. That evil, sinful nature is also why people tend to become very defiant and defensive when confronted with the Truth of Jesus Christ--deep down inside, they know it is true and they don't want to have to deal with it.  They are afraid they might have to make changes in their lives or in their philosophies that they do not, or at least think that they do not, want to make.  If you read this story and felt a tug at your heart, that is the Truth of Christ trying to connect with the "in His image" side of who you are.  Go with that feeling.  Explore it.  Find out who Jesus really is and hopefully, eventually, find the joy that a relationship with Christ offers.
    If, on the other hand, you felt somewhat indignant when reading this story, thinking such things as "How arrogant of this author to think that his beliefs are the the only correct ones," or "How dare someone call me a sinner or evil, and suggest that I need any kind of forgiveness,"  remember that these feelings are still based upon you being made in God's image.  Deep down inside, you know there is a right and a wrong, you know there are truth and lies, you know there is good and evil, you sense that there may be some changes in your life, or in your beliefs, that need to be made.  You may even feel that something is missing in your life or in your spirit.  These perceptions and feelings also come from being made in God's image.  They are the result of the fight between the part of you made in God's image, and the evil sinful part put there by Satan.  Again, explore it, look into who Jesus Christ is and what He claims to have done for you.  Consider that there may be some truth to the things that Dave mentioned in the story.  Hopefully, you will be open to letting God show you the true reason for these conflicting, and often confusing, emotions.  Hopefully, you will eventually find the Truth and joy that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ and with the God who loves you enough to have created you in His very own image.

    Finally, if you read this story and didn't feel much of anything, then I hope you at least enjoyed it as an interesting work of fiction.  I also hope that as time goes by, and you continue to move on through your life, you will remember what you have read here and slowly, over time, come to recognize that there really is something to it all.

In a nutshell

    God loves you enough to have made you in His own image.  He wants the relationship with you that you were designed to have.  He wants you to be one of His children.  Jesus gave his life to pay the price necessary to forgive your sins so that you can be permitted into God's presence.  All you have to do is accept the gift of Jesus' dying on a cross for you.  That's the message of Christ in a nutshell.  You may not believe it, but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

It is my prayer for you that you will not end up dying without the forgiveness of Jesus Christ, then experience what Joe did in this story.  It would be terrifying to realize that the same thing that happened to Joe, or something like it,  was about to happen to you, and you had made the decision to reject the Truth when it was offered to you.  Rest assured, the Truth was offered to you in the story you just read.  Think about it.  Pray about it.  Become one of God's children.  Jesus Himself said: "No one comes to God but through Me."   He is the only way!

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I'm always open to questions, concerns or comments with regard to this story.  Please take a moment to let me know what's on your mind good or bad.

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