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The Digital Camera
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If you have some bored kids, and a digital camera you are willing to let them use, here is an activity that keeps them busy for hours.   The digital camera doesn't have to be expensive; when I do this activity with my own kids, I use a digital camera I paid $40 for at Walmart.  Basically you give each kid a list of things they have to find and  photograph using the digital camera.  You can do this activity in a park, on the school grounds, at a summer camp or even in your own yard.  You use only one camera, but each child in the group is responsible for finding and photographing each item on their individual list.  When I've done this in the past, the kids usually walk around in a group until one of them sees something that fits one of the items on their list.  They take the camera, take a picture of it, and write it on their list.  They keep going until all items have been found, or they give up. Their lists can be the same or individualized.  Using separate lists allows me to send out groups of kids consisting of a wide range of ages.  To help get you started,  below are a couple of lists I use for outdoor hunts.  You just pick and choose items from the master lists to make up a list for each child.  You can also come up with many of your own items and add them.  If the weather won't allow an outdoor hunt, you can create a list of indoor items and do the hunt in a school, museum, or even a shopping mall.  For the older kids, if they don't know what a word on the list means, don't tell them.  Make them look it up, figure out what it means, then go find an example to photograph.  It keeps them busy longer and makes them think and learn.  When everyone has either found all of the items on their list, or has given up, they return with the camera and all of the pictures are downloaded onto a computer.  As the pictures are viewed, items are crossed of of the various lists to see who found the most items.  If you have more than one camera, the kids can also work in teams.  If you are doing this activity in an educational setting, just create your own lists specific to whatever subject is being studied.  If you make the lists difficult enough, you can do this activity with college age kids or even with adults.  If you do end up doing a digital camera scavenger hunt, please drop me a quick note to let me know how it went.

Scavenger Hunt For Younger Kids

Something in your favorite color.
Something fun.
Something pretty.
Something ugly.
Something that is new.
Something that is old.
An animal.
An insect.
A bird.
Something you can eat.
Someone you like.
One of your favorite things.
A tree
A flower
Something that could hurt you.
Something that grows.
Something made of metal.
Something made of plastic.
Something man made.
Something made by nature.
A friend.
Something warm.
Something cold.
Something useful.
Something you don't know what it is.
Something you don't know how to use.
Something you're glad is there.
Something you wish wasn't there.
Something that eats.
Something that makes you smile.
Something big.
Something small.
Something soft.
Something hard.
Something that wants to stay hidden.
Something that makes a sound.
Something you wear.
Something you can drink.
Something that can break.
Something you can play with.
Something that moves.
Something that can't move.
Something that is not real.
A place to hide things.
Something wet.
Something dry.
Something that opens and closes.
Something rough.
Something smooth.

Scavenger Hunt For Older Kids

A mammal
A carnivore
A herbivore
An omnivore
Something made of mineral.
A friend
Something that scares you.
Something that spins/turns.
Something fun.
Something that has value.
Something that does not grow.
Something that wiggles.
Something you love.
Something you hate.
Something that has an oder.
Something you don't know what it is.
Something you don't know how to use;.
Something that should not be there.
Something that is camouflaged.
Something magnetic.
Something disgusting.
Something dangerous.
Something facing West.
Something artistic.
Something creative.
Something balanced.
Something straight.
Something curved.
Something symmetrical.
Something in a primary color.
Something that is broken.
Something that generates heat.
Something that oscillates.
Something that used to be alive.
Something organic.
Something inorganic.
Something domesticated.
Something nocturnal.
Something diurnal.
A carbohydrate.
Something that is secure.
Something artificial.
Something genuine.
Something easy.
Something difficult.
Something that tells you what season of the year it is.
Something cultural.

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