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Eclectic:  (Adjective)  Composed of elements drawn from various sources.

That's exactly what this site is all about: elements drawn from various sources.  In other words, all kinds of stuff from who knows where, having to do with anything I please!  Things to inform and educate you, things to entertain and amuse you, things to inspire you, and possibly a thing or two for sale.  I also have some great links that may, or may not, have something to do with the other goodies you'll find on this site.  This is, after all, the Eclectic Site.  Here, among other things, you'll find help with finances and dealing with financial stress, as well as some wonderful, can't-be-beat creams and lotions homemade by my wife.  See, told you this was an eclectic site.  I will add things as I go along (and as I improve my HTML skills) so check back from time to time.  

Eclectic Site Pages        Just click where you want to go...

  The Financial Page (Financially stressed? Excessive debt? Can't get ahead?  Want to be wealthy? Have financial questions?)

  Evelyn's Homemade Creations (Crafty things from my wife Evelyn, including homemade creams and lotions for beauty and health.)

  Anything Goes Page (Interests, hobbies, humor, thoughts, ideas, musings, activities, software...well, the name says it all...Anything Goes!)

  Inspiration Corner (Inspirational thoughts, ideas and stories.  Whether or not you have a heart for Jesus Christ, why not check it out.)

  Historical Reenactment / Rendezvous Page (Information about my favorite historical reenactments / rendezvous in North Central Ohio.

  My Favorite Quotes (A collection of real gems of wisdom.  You can just about live by these!)

Robix Rascal Blog
  Keith's Robix Rascal Blog (My purchase and implementation of the Robix Rascal robotic arm at work---pretty much all technical stuff.)
Investing With Nothing  Investing With Nothing.  My book about getting started investing in the stock market when you don't have any money to invest.
Economic Disaster
Investing with nothing
I have some really great eBooks available.

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